Replay session: Pre-recorded videos of how I do it

  • Location:
    Amber 1
  • Please note that the 10 minute lectures are 7 minutes in length followed by 3 minutes of discussion.
 H.U. Ahmed, London (GB)
 T. Loch, Flensburg (DE)
 N. Pavan, Sacile (IT)
MRI/US fusion biopsy: Cognitive
 J. Neves
MRI/US fusion biopsy: Image based navigation
 E. Baco, Oslo (NO)
MRI/US fusion biopsy: Mechanical navigation
 B.A. Hadaschik, Essen (DE)
MRI/US fusion biopsy: Electromagnetic navigation
 C. Kastner, Cambridge (GB)
Multiparametric Ultrasound
 H. Wijkstra, Amsterdam (NL)
High frequency US
 J. Walz, Marseille (FR)
 I. Peters, Hannover (DE)