ESUI16: A glimpse into future technologies

25 April 2016

ESUI16_future technologies

Milan meeting will examine the impact of new imaging techniques

How new imaging developments impact current urological treatment strategies will be the central focus of the 5th EAU Section of Urological Imaging (ESUI16) Meeting in Milan on 24 November, a day before the opening of the 8th European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers (EMUC16). With “Imaging and shifting paradigms in urology” as theme, speakers and participants will examine the various challenges brought by the introduction of new diagnostic techniques and surgical procedures that are expected to define future treatment protocols.

“We aim to provide participants insights on how these emerging techniques impact on standard treatment and the management of disease progression.  With experts from across Europe and outside the region, we will discuss their best practices and how accumulated knowledge and experience can inform our own clinical practices,” said ESUI chairman Dr. Jochen Walz. In the tradition of previous ESUI meetings, the Scientific Programme will present the views not only of urology but also of related disciplines such as radiation and medical oncology whose perspectives have a direct bearing on multi-disciplinary approaches needed to provide optimal care for onco-urological patients.

Walz underscored the importance of exchanging views with other cancer experts since modern therapeutic care relies on effective collaboration among various specialists. He said the panel discussions and interactive sessions will provide participants the opportunity to address and examine unresolved questions. Among the topics in the agenda are multi-parametric MRI and PET with new tracers such as PSMA, with speakers examining in detail their limits and benefits, recent research and the areas which require further investigations.

Researchers are also encouraged to submit their abstract and poster and to link up with other researchers and urology professionals.  The best poster presentation will be awarded with a cash prize of €500. Topics of submitted abstracts will be on imaging for prostate, renal, bladder and testicular/penile cancers, image-guided therapies in urology and related issues. “A dynamic exchange is needed for us to come up with the best possible diagnostic and treatment strategies, while at the same time taking time to look into finer details of new technologies, their potentials and also the repercussions on standard practices,” added Walz. The on-line abstract submission is open with the deadline on 1 July 2016 23.59 hrs. (CET).  Abstract submitters will be notified by email of the outcome and final selection at the beginning of August 2016.

Participants who are interested to attend the 8th EMUC, they can join both meetings for 55 euros on top of the EMUC fee. There are also reduced fees available for early registrants with the deadline on 22 August and the late registration fee which ends on 24 November. Registrations can also be made onsite at the congress venue. Walz added what makes the ESUI meeting a well-attended event is its emphasis on a comprehensive and critical update on urological imaging issues while looking into potential developments that will influence current treatment practices. “We do not only highlight what is new in the field but also look into the repercussions on diagnostic and treatment practices. Collaboration is therefore important and the motivating factor to coincide this meeting with the EMUC,” he said.